Downloading the agents is very easy. You just have to log into the system and click on the top right, where it says “download agent”. The agent will download automatically.

Installing the agent on your computer is very simple. To do so, you just have to run it like any other program.

Instalar Work Time Observer

Once the installation is complete, it will ask you for two things: Name and API KEY

Usuario Work Time Observer

You just have to enter: name, assigned API KEY and voila!

Apikey Work Time Observer

The program administrator is in charge of providing the API KEY, which you will find in the user panel, within the “My Account” tab.

Work Time Observer issues its report every 3 minutes. Apart from registering the pages visited, we can filter every 3,6,9, 12 or 15 minutes to know exactly if a specific device has been Online, Idle or Offline. You will only have to click on dashboard

Rendimiento Work Time Observer

Work Time Observer only monitors activity on the computer on which it is installed. It only distinguishes 3 states of use:

Online: The computer shows activity, be it keystrokes or mouse movement.

Idle: The computer is on but does not show activity of any kind.

Offline: The computer is off.

Checking the activity of each user is very easy. You just have to click on the user in question and a menu will open in which a top graph appears with each status in each time frame and a detailed report below.

Actividad Work Time Observer