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Worktime Observer is a simple, fast and easy to use telework control software and productivity increase App. An employee control program that will increase the performance of your company.

Our program to monitor employee PCs, will allow you to know first-hand your most productive employees, in addition to offering a complete view of the activity of your employees in their working hours. All this in real time.

Control Teletrabajo

Increase your productivity with Work Time Observer!


Improve productivity and attendance

Our tracker will know how much time of the working day has actually been spent on projects and how much time was lost. You will know precisely and in real time, the efficiency of each of your employees. With this PC telematics surveillance program you will know first-hand who your most productive employees are. At last you will be able to objectively supervise the working time of your freelance staff.

Save business money

Different studies of work performance affirm that employees lose 10% of their working time browsing social networks, socializing, or simply dispersed. Assuming you have 10 employees, you would be saving a payroll every month.

Our PC monitoring program will allow your employees to optimize work times, and reduce these losses by 3%.

Simply installing the remote work time controller will increase productivity. Work Time Observer is profitable right out of the box.

app control teletrabajo
monitoriza los empleados que más trabajan

Save money

Work Time Observer will let you know which computers are used for a certain fraction of the time. This will let you know if you need more or fewer work computers.

Maybe it is not necessary to spend on a new laptop, or you simply have to get rid of 5 computers that have barely been used 3 times. This can allow you to remove or deregister software licenses that are often very expensive and save a lot of money.

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Grupos Work Time Observer

Device groups

Devices can now be grouped into user-defined groups (there will always be a “Default Group” as well). Groups are used to filter the list of devices, and assign group alerts.

Configure your alerts

Allows you to configure alerts for device groups. In this way, you will be able to create a daily alert whose condition is “Online less than 6 hours”, so if any device in that group is online for less than 6 hours on one of the days it works, an alert will appear in the form of web notification.

Alertas inactividad de empleados
software de control de teletrabajo y control horario

Get performance reports

Generate detailed reports of the activity of each of your employees. Easily control how long any remote company employee has worked.

Work Time Observer is perfect if ...

You want pure productivity control. Without spying on your workers

You are looking for a low-intrusive employee control software

You don’t want employee spyware, which are often complex

You have employees telecommuting and you need to justify their times

You need to monitor computers in a fast way

You want to reward your most valuable employees and you don’t know who they are

Telecommuting control software

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